Embassy of Bricks and Logs

aus Deutschland




We're on a mission

to create quality outerwear

with a contemporary fashion appeal, deeply rooted in streetwear culture.


The Vegan Company


Embassy of Bricks and Logs is a vegan company. Sustainability starts and ends with taking a wholesome approach, including every living being in the supply chain – this includes animals and therefore animal-derived products. After all, animal agriculture is the second highest source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Embassy of Bricks and Logs is working closely with the non-profit organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to make sure the whole collection is PETA-approved vegan.


  • The materials are bought from manufacturers that are mostly certificated (oeko-tex or bluesign), such as YKK, Thermore and others.
  • For the faux-down filling and padding, they created their own material "E100" with our Chinese manufacturer. It's 100% certified recycled PET from the world's oceans.


For the Embassy, it’s important that beautiful items are made beautifully, too.

Fair labor conditions and safe working conditions are a must!


The Credo:

"Design first. We want to make a great product that wins people over. Then, in the next step, make this product as sustainable as possible, but never compromising on quality."